The 5am Experiment

12439316_10153508121452800_1284164522183688781_nYou know how you hear about what a person does to solve a problem, and you immediately dismiss that as a viable option?

That was me, about setting my alarm for 5am. When I asked a fellow Momma how she gets herself and her family on the right track in the morning, she told me about the 5am wake-up call. I dismissed that option for months: “I’m so tired all the time!”, “My kids get up early!”, “My kids go to bed late!”, etc., etc.  Well, I learned to “never say never” in the realm of parenting yet again this past week.

The last few months have been long. I often fantasized about moving across the country where I knew family could come help out, even for a freaking minute, while I try and establish a sense of organized calm. The alarming rattling of the woodpecker on our chimney was our incessant family theme song. Over and over again, there wasn’t enough time in the day to feel right with our world. Kids got dropped off without snow pants, coffee was 2 meals a day, and I was writing reports instead of sleeping. You know that rhythm you have when your day just flows like a peaceful river? Apparently some people do (shocking). Well, our daily river was full of muddy dams and a ragey, screamey Momma Beaver.  I saw me as Mom through the shopper in the grocery aisle and was pretty much horrified. My days? Not a lot of sparked joy.

So, instead of continuing to engage in my daily if-onlys, I set my alarm for 5am for a week. Every day, I decided that regardless of how tired I felt, I would get the hell up. I would sit in the blissful quiet. I would drink a cup of hot coffee by my window. I would set an intention to start my day with a little less of our usual three ring circus.

In doing so, I realized how much I needed this time alone. Not to finish the dishes or Konmari but to just sit and breathe it all in. To start my day from a place of calm rather than inner chaos, in hopes that that vibe continued. That that vibe was a model for my kids, and helped them start their day from a peaceful place too. Maybe, just maybe, the 5am experiment was my gateway to establishing some self-care, and in doing so will help me be the Mom I want to be during those long winter months. Sounds like a plan. Never say never, right?

What do you do to establish some calm in your day?


About Sarah Dhooge

Sarah Dhooge is a Momma, Speech-Language Pathologist, and is proud to be a part of The Momma Collective, supporting Mom Powered Pursuits across Canada.