Shout Out to all the Direct Sales Consultants.

All who know me are aware of my obsession with all things locally handcrafted. Not a day goes by when what I wear, eat, drink and share doesn’t involve a Canadian Momma’s creative pursuit. I have actually created a full-time business marketing such people and showing the world how awesome they are.

I’ve always tried to involve Mompreneurs who are direct sales consultants in my business, as although they are not handcrafting an item, they are passionately running a business that is supporting their family. I often chat with these reppin’ Mommas and have learned a lot about multi-level marketing companies in the process. I’ve spent the last 4 months going deep into the world of these businesses, and discovered a lot about them and the Mommas that represent them.

There are so many similarities between hand crafters and sales reps, I certainly won’t list them all. But here are some thoughts I’d like to share today on what I’ve learned chatting with consultants in The Momma Collective:
  • Sales reppin’ Mommas work HARD to learn about their product. The businesses they are involved in often provide great education on marketing and sales strategies, so these Mommas can develop strong connections with customers.

  • These Mommas are often part of a tight-knit community within their business. They often work in Teams, and can support each other greatly.
  • Consultants can suffer from a lot of competition from other consultants of the same company in the same geographical area when it comes to events. I may allow multiple knitters at a Craft Fair; but I would never allow more than 1 Epicure rep.

  • These Mommas often have return shoppers galore. I know myself that the moment my Younique Moonstruck 3D Lash mascara runs out, I’ll be calling upon my friend SJ. The TIME that these Mommas dedicate to you when you are interested in one of their products is HUGE! It results in you coming back for more.

  • Consultants can also suffer from customers being weary of being “sold a pitch”. I have watched Fair guests walk quickly by a direct sales company in fear that they will get “pitched” to. This is challenging for these vendors who have worked very hard to learn a lot about their products, and want to share that knowledge with others. They are passionate, and want you to fall in love with their product line too.
  • The consultants I have met are incredibly professional women: they show up with their game face on. They are often the first to come and introduce themselves to be as a Fair Coordinator; they take effort and pride in their presence and are often on their feet working the room, meeting and greeting and doing what they can to connect with a customer. One large part personality (you have to have certain traits like strong interpersonal and organizational skills to be a rep), and one part training through the business, these Mommas run a very tight ship!

  • At times, because of the competition out there, companies have to educate their reps as to why their product is superior. This can involve learning and disseminating information on similar companies in an effort to demonstrate why to go with their brand. This is so present in most of business, either subconsciously, overtly, or not, so as a consumer you just have to research yourself and make a decision based on your own independent research.
  • The stories behind the businesses they represent are important; learning that Epicure is a 100% Canadian, Family-owned, Women-led company was instrumental in my buying some great culinary lifesavers.

  • Consultants rely on us to share if we love a product, and are SO appreciative of it when we do (just like all businesses of course!). They have had to fork over an investment to start being involved in a company, so any sale is one that helps them to continue to grow.

So, next time you come across a Sales Representative at an event, chat them up and listen to why they love doing what they do! Their positivity and passion? Pretty contagious.

About Sarah Dhooge

Sarah Dhooge is a Momma, Speech-Language Pathologist, and is proud to be a part of The Momma Collective, supporting Mom Powered Pursuits across Canada.