Love Day.


It’s no secret today is my fave day of the year. For me and my family it’s all about togetherness and getting cozy with a healthy side of chocolate. I craft handmade valentines and heart-shaped pancakes and there are sprinkles and sparkles wherever I go. Decked out in cherry-red nails I set my table full of pink felt flowers and tell my 3 boys how much I love them

For one day a year, I am the vision of the Pinterest Mom that I always wanted to be.  Its an all-day party and I totally LOVE all the hoopla. It isn’t about what I get that day in the slightest; for me, it’s about me giving so much love to those around me, it borders on the ridiculous. Coworkers get cupcakes and my caseload of kiddos get grab bags; it’s a great big love fest and I’M NOT ASHAMED.

Because I am the one who dropped her son off at daycare and forgot his boots. And his lunch. I am the Mom who on the same day the entire preschool got strawberry-cupcake scented sparkly handmade play dough, I drove through the Starbucks drive through three times.  I’m the one who doesn’t mop the floors and can’t ever get the laundry folded and who loses her keys every damn day. I’m the frazzled, tired looking Mom who has just had it at the grocery store. I’m the one with an agenda so thick with to-dos that I suffer from the most  intense, absolutely wretched Momma guilt because that Mom that I wanted to be? Well, I feel like her once a year.

Today is the day that I get to pour it all out, so let me celebrate that Hallmark Holiday in all my gushy glory and bask in the giddy that only the right confetti-filled balloons can bring.

About Sarah Dhooge

Sarah Dhooge is a Momma, Speech-Language Pathologist, and is proud to be a part of The Momma Collective, supporting Mom Powered Pursuits across Canada.