Fair FAQ

How much is guest admission?
Nothing! All our Fairs are free (and will ALWAYS BE FREE!) for everyone to attend.

Where are the Fairs?
The Momma Collective Fairs occur Coast to Coast.

Where do I park?
Since our Fairs are highly attended events, we recommend carpooling, walking, strolling, etc. However, are you a vendor? Well then, I’d *HIGHLY* recommend NOT parking in a coveted (close!) parking lot spot…save that for your customer whenever possible.

Are the Fairs baby & child-friendly?
Yes! We pride ourself on this one! Stroller-friendly aisles rock (however, based on past HIGH attendance, we’d suggest umbrella strollers & carriers).

I’m a Local Mom and I want to be a vendor. So, what do I do?
WOW, are Mompreneurs stoked to be part of The Momma Collective!  In order to accommodate as many vendors as possible (and in order to stay true to our “one of a kind”, non-competitive & supportive environment), we have all interested Mompreneurs fill out an online application. Our Fairs are curated with a juried selection process, and the acceptance is based on the strength of the application.

How does The Momma Collective select the vendors?
Firstly, you have to be a Mompreneur.
Secondly, we take a look at your “Mom-Powered Pursuit” (your business).
That’s where the jury comes in.

The Fairs are juried to ensure quality & variety for our guests. We receive WAY more applications than spaces available and therefore can not accept all the amazing Mompreneurs that apply. Business descriptions, photos, websites, etc. all support your application. So does positivity and enthusiasm! Acceptance at one Fair does not guarantee acceptance at the next; it is entirely dependent upon each Fair’s application pool, and the individual applications themselves.

Due to the high number of applications, we can not provide individual feedback on applications, nor can we provide confirmation on receipt of your application.

How do I know if I am accepted?
All accepted Mompreneurs for Fairs will be posted on our website.

Is there a Waiting List?
YES! There will be a waiting list of applicants for each Fair, who will be notified if a vendor space becomes available. Contacted waiting list applicants will have five days to pay the vendor fee committing to the show. After five days the vendor space will be offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.

Once I see I am accepted, how do I pay?
ALL ACCEPTED VENDORS will receive an email outlining payment instructions once they have been selected.  Method of payment for 2016 is E-Money Transfer (EMT) only.

How much does it cost to be a vendor?
Check out each individual fair application for fee information.

What if something comes up? Can I cancel and get my vendor fee back?
Emergencies happen. If you cannot participate in the Fair due to an emergency, please contact sarah@themommacollective.ca as soon as possible.

Whoops! I missed the deadline to apply/to pay my vendor fee. What happens now?
We can only allow those who follow the application and payment schedules to be showcased at the Fair.

Boo! I wasn’t selected this time. Why?
Our mission is to host Fairs that are AWESOME. Fairs that are full of positive energy and provide customers with access to such high-quality local businesses that they keep coming back for more.  Therefore, vendor decisions are based on applications, the number of applicants in similar business categories, and the season. If you are not selected for a Fair, it’s not that you are not awesome. You ARE. You are inspiring and talented and fantastic. Way to go Momma, keep it up, and please re-apply.

 How can I have my business sponsor a Fair?
If interested in having your business sponsor one of our fairs, please email sarah@themommacollective.ca